Welcome to my physics blog

This site started as an attempt to put into words all of the things I wish someone had told me about phyisics as an undergraduate. I hope someone finds it interesting or useful in their quest to understand the universe.

If you don’t have a specific topic you want to know about, I recommend that you start with the What is Physics page linked above. My plan is to start with that and then use it as a branching off point to discuss a bunch of big-picture ideas about physics. Each post I make will show up chronologically as a link below, which should be convenient for people who want to follow along as I write these. If I keep writing, I hope to eventually write some explainers for topics in physics that are typically seen as difficult to understand and give my own, dare I say, physical interpretation to the complicated mathematics. I do not want to leave out the mathematics entirely, because physical theories are fundamentally mathematical theories, but I also do not want to get bogged down in mathematics, becuase this site is not meant to be a textbook.